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It is the experience of Oneness with the Earth that anchors in its courage to make the climb to the summit of personal integrity and to offer its unique contribution to the world. As the Sea-Goat develops the concept of Self as its anchor, it gets more and more in touch with its creative gifts and talents.

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As it turns its attention inward, it establishes a deep connection with the fluid rhythms that pulsate and flow through all life forms including its own body and the Earth. The awakening of this profound awareness in its consciousness opens its inner vision. The two horns symbolizing body and Spirit, or the duality of the mind, merge and the one-horned Unicorn emerges. The two horns of the Mountain Goat symbolize the perceived duality of Spirit and Matter in unawakened stages of consciousness. Capricorn resolves this duality when it perceives the camouflaged spiritual meaning of ambition and the spiritual essence in all physical manifestations.

When this Oneness of Earth and Heaven is a conscious experience, the Unicorn can pursue its Destiny Path with one-pointed resolve, disciplined action and devoted commitment. Awake Capricorn cultivates a magnetic presence by being energetically present in its body. The Unicorn's continuous outpouring of creativity is a by-product of its ability to experience the wholeness of its being. Its evolved intelligence is able to synthesize and integrate multiple objectives of the Plan. Its worldly gifts enable it to organize physical resources to bring goals to fruition. The Unicorn's combined physical, mental and emotional strength gives it the power to eliminate outdated forms and structures and to create new ones.

The Unicorn can appear aloof and cold in its relentless mission to bring about change and revolution. In fact, the Unicorn is whole-heartedly devoted to manifesting the Plan.

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Its actions are one-pointed. Its speech is direct. Its intentions are pure. The Unicorn points its horn to the Heart of Humanity with the goal of opening our hearts so the Light of every Soul can shine through. The solidness of its Earth essence and its focus on physical reality and structures make the Unicorn one of God's most effective servants in manifesting Heaven on Earth.

The Unicorn empowers its horn with its ambition to open the door of Destiny. Capricorn has liberated itself from its attachment to form and material illusions. It is free to serve humanity and be rewarded for its ability to see and manifest spiritual reality on Earth.

Capricorn's territory includes ambition, recognition, honor, achievement, authority and purpose.

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The Goat is the business person with the mental acuity that knows what needs to be done and how to do it. It is also the worker bee that accomplishes the task. Capricorn's need to achieve and to prove its self worth is not a superficial egotistical goal.

It must make a contribution to society by expressing its unique Soul purpose. Capricorn's deepest drive is to find and follow its Destiny path. This sounds fine so far. Capricorn's life challenge is to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that seem to always delay and get in the way of its achievement and success. One key that unlocks the door is self-determination.

Capricorn must exercise its own free will, makes its own choices and take responsibility for its own life. It must quit blaming others for its plight. It must learn to accept the preparation and hard work that it takes to manifest its dreams in physical reality. It must honor and utilize the power of its inner drive, instead of using it to beat itself up. Capricorn must learn to enjoy its work because it is not here to rest. It is here to make lasting changes and leave a legacy. When it realizes the importance of its "assignment", discovers its own role and purpose and cooperates with the Plan, it is able to transcend fate and its fatalistic mentality.

Setbacks and delays will be replaced by a slow, but steady, climb to the summit of success.

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Capricorn teaches us that we are all born with gifts, but in order to express them in life we must be able to meet our challenges with courage, patience and skill. Capricorn's psychological challenges include fear of failure, sensitivity to the opinions of others, self-questioning and a basic sense of inadequacy. Capricorn must learn how to overcome inertia and get started. One key is to establish goals based on its intuitive guidance, not external values set by others and society.

When it is time for Capricorn to move on, it often reflects that it should have done so long ago. It is perhaps universally true that once "we see the light" we wonder why we wallowed so long in the darkness. Capricorn energy teaches us that the reason is we have to learn our lessons first. Plodding through physical reality takes time. Capricorn instructs us to be thorough. Once we have learned and are wise in worldly ways, we are truly ready to take the next step up the mountain of evolution. Capricorn learns about serious soul-searching from its mentor Saturn.

Saturn, the god of entrances and doorways, has two faces. The other looks ahead and has knowledge of the future.

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Capricorn reaches the gold in its own psyche through self-honesty, objectivity and detachment. Not easy to achieve, but Capricorn shows us that it is possible. Capricorn teaches us that if we truly prepare ourselves, we often find ourselves in positions of great responsibility and authority. The personal integrity and sense of compassion that Capricorn embodies qualify it for positions of political and diplomatic leadership.

The Unicorn teaches us, "Keep up and you will be kept up. The ultimate gift that Capricorn has to offer us is the demonstration that the summit can be reached. In the end, it is our personal choices, grit and commitment that determine if we make it to the top.

This is an optimal day to reaffirm your life purpose goals and to begin taking concrete steps to accomplish them. Capricorn invites us to examine and define our personal purpose that gives meaning and significance to our lives.

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Capricorn offers us a time of stillness so we can consult with our own hearts. It is a good time to acknowledge ourselves and our accomplishments during the past year s. I personally find that acknowledging what I have done in the past year brings peaceful and meaningful completion to the past and unleashes powerful energy and even serendipitous events that kick off the New Year. Capricorn lends us a moment of silence so we can actually listen to and hear our Soul speak to us about why we are here, what contribution we have to make to the world.

The is a meditative to time is to ask and to listen the answers from our Hearts - How will the world be different because I came for a visit? What special contribution will be lost forever, if I do not make it myself? Capricorn helps us get in touch with our own mortality, not to make us pessimistic or fatalistic, but to motivate us to truly live full, rich lives.

Capricorn helps us realize that our greatest fear is not of dying, but the fear of the tragic possibility that we could end our lives feeling that we never really lived. Capricorn gives us time to discover our innermost desires, to acknowledge what gives us the greatest satisfaction, and to define our unique skills and talents, our purpose.

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As we embrace our uniqueness, we uncover the motivation that fuels our passion and uncovers our destiny path. Then come January 2, Capricorn empowers us with the strength and the courage to get to work. Begin this meditation at p. It will bring you a perfect equilibrium in the time and space.

Do it and you shall never regret it. Bring in the Aquarian Age on the highest pinnacle of your own projected consciousness". The new Second Edition, revised and updated,is ready to welcome a whole new generation of students to this life-changing technology. It offers powerful and effective techniques to both teacher and student, to empower your lower chakras and open your heart to unconditional love. There are several ways to chant this mantra.

For the rest, chant it in an ascending scale up the chakras, vibrating the spine. Let the Hung go forcefully out the top of the head. The whole mantra is chanted on one full breath, so take a long deep inhale before each cycle. Together they link Heaven and Earth. Perfect to cultivate the power embodied by Capricorn to connect and integrate dimensions. Here is an excerpt from a particularly beautiful version, recorded by Dr. It swam in deep, murky waters but became able to place its hooves on solid ground and climb upwards and onwards, without losing the psychic memory of where it came from.

Clarissa, Viva Combusta! Kathy Biehl of Empowerment Unlimited phrases it more diplomatically:. Remember that?