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The Ox is a mightily stubborn creature. It is this bull-headed quality that prevents Oxen from listening to anyone else once their minds are made up. Doggedly ploughing on, the Ox will continue on their way, deaf to any pleas or attempts to see reason. Oxen have a plan in place and nothing is going to stand in their way. At times, the Ox can be a little too serious, forgetting to have fun every once in a while.

Even fun endeavours may be viewed as a military operation; a game of bowling may turn into strategic warfare of pins and bowls; movie night with popcorn may turn into diligent discussion about plot, characters, themes, and how to pop popcorn to perfection! But this is a charming quality that friends and loved ones — though they may find it exasperating at times — love them all the more for.

The Ox is highly patient, one of the qualities that makes them so thoroughly endearing. Because of their aversion to complaining in front of others, the Ox prefers to suffer in silence and carry the load squarely on their own shoulders. Like a bull in a China shop so to speak , the Ox can become utterly terrifying, angry, and unable to see reason. Best to get out of the way! When an Ox has been wounded, you will know about it. Not by loud, uninhibited complaining like the Rooster, or endless sulking like the Rabbit, but by the way Oxen throw themselves into their work.

Work is the remedy to cure all ills for the Ox; a silent Ox who does nothing but work day and night is a sure-fire sign that there is a wound there, and it may take a long time to heal. This can sometimes be exacerbated by their disapproval of dramatic and over-emotional displays. If you want to appeal to an Ox, aim for their intellect and logic — raw emotion does not sit too well with them. Ox ladies are indeed true ladies. Protective and efficient, they are elegant and classy in their own right and they have excellent initiative skills. What's more, they hate being late!

Year of the Ox - Chinese Zodiac Ox

The lady Ox is highly prolific in anything she does and she will take charge wherever necessary, ensuring smooth-running of home and work, making sure all needs are met. Both Ox males and Ox females are leaders and disciplinarians, though they may express these qualities in their own individual ways; they do not stand for rebellion, but they ensure that those who follow the law of the land will be well taken care of and provided with everything they need.

Overall, the year of the Ox makes for solid, dependable, and persevering personalities. Unlike the Monkey who breezes through life using wit and charm, or the Rat who climbs to the top using sharp cunning, Oxen employs sheer tenacity to reach their ends and it is something that many find very admirable. In love, a Chinese Zodiac Ox takes time to develop feelings for people and they prefer lengthy courtships to quick romps in the sack. They are very traditional and this shows in the way they approach matters of the heart. They can become rather gun-shy when in love - many Ox men are usually dressed impeccably with excellent speaking skills and an elegant air of confidence, but when it comes to women they can turn into tongue-tied teenagers.

The Ox man is not the most romantic in love and is likely to buy you something practical rather than wooing you with chocolate and flowers; but once committed, he is utterly devoted and faithful. The Ox man would go to the ends of the earth for his beloved and he will do so in a way that is guaranteed to get results.

If married to an Ox man, you will not want for anything; he will take care of the bills, ensure you have everything you need and make sure the home is running smoothly. He may come across as a little predictable at times which may give off the impression of being dull, but if he is matched with a partner who thoroughly appreciates his assurances of comfort and security, it will be a very happy match indeed. The Ox lady seeks a partner who epitomizes stability above all else. It is not wooing gestures of romance that win her, nor dashing escapades in the night. Ox women are tough and they require their men to be equally as tough as they are; wishy-washy dreamers have little chance of wooing the Ox woman.

They cannot be described as great seductresses or overly concerned with using their womanly ways to entice a man. Instead, they rely on their strength and keen sense of self-confidence to attract a mate and, indeed, these qualities is considered deeply endearing by many members of the opposite sex. The Chinese Zodiac Ox is most drawn to the enigmatic and flamboyant Rooster , who shares the same trine in the Chinese Zodiac. He has made great influence in the history of Chinese poetic. He took traditional poetic forms to new heights. Forecasts for the Ox in Overall fortune Career This year, someone will offer help to the careers of the people who born in the year of the ox.

Ideal jobs for Oxen people: cultural worker; civil servant. Finance This year, there will be a combination of luck and violence in terms of money.

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In general, their fortune of their wealth is good in and there will be additional income opportunities. The best months of the year and good for doing business: April; August. Health This year Oxen people health fortunes will remain more or less the same, although some Oxen people may experience some minor illnesses. Some of the suggestions in health: Middle-aged Oxen people should participate in some activities if they would like to relax. Those Oxen people who are weak do not stay in the places which are very dirty. Love and relationships Love and relationships in will mostly remain stable.

For Oxen people who are single this year, the emotional progress is relatively slow.

Chinese Horoscope 2019 Ox

So they need to participate in social activities where they have the opportunity to strengthen their emotional fortune and seize opportunities. For married people, it is recommended they strengthen the interaction of family members to build good relationships with each other. The months in the year which Oxen people should pay more attention to love and relationship is May and July. Greetings for an Ox Year Good luck for this Ox year. Rat : , , , , , Ox : , , , , , Tiger : , , , , , Rabbit : , , , , , Dragon : , , , , , Snake : , , , , , Horse : , , , , , Goat : , , , , , Monkey: , , , , , Rooster : , , , , , Dog : , , , , , Pig : , , , , , The years above are Chinese calendar years, starting at Chinese New Year, which usually falls between January 21st and February 20th.

Help Oxen Create a Tour According to your special needs and requirements, China Travel will help create a China tour for you, which will be time-saving, economical, and feasible. Cute Oxen , create now! Kangxi the emperor of Qing Dynasty.

Chinese Zodiac Ox 12222 | Pig Cycle Analysis

People who are born in the year of the ox are said to have many ox-like personality traits. These people tend to be determined in everything that they do, hardworking, and serious. At times, they can be stubborn and a bit of a loner, but when they find the right friend or partner they can be great to be around.

click Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Overall, Chinese oxen are dependable and will never quit on something or someone who they believe in. As you can see, the ox has many good traits, just like the people who are born in the year of the ox. These traits work well to shape the year, and horoscope, of people born under the year of the ox in Is Ox lucky in ? This is an up-and-down, make-or-break, kind of year when it comes to love, romance, and social interactions in general.

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If mapped out in a line, your social life would look much like a row of hills this year. You may feel more expressive this year, or you may want to know more about your partner this year. No matter what you are feeling, you are sure to want some change. Or, your partner will want some change. This could cause things to get better in your relationship, or worse in this year of the rat. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! If you are in a relationship that is bad most of the time, friendly or romantic, then is a good year to dump them.