February 22 2020 pisces horoscope

In general, February will be a positive period for the natives of Pisces, in sentimental matter. The entrance of the asteroid Eros to the House V of Pisces aims to rekindle the flames of romance and rediscover sensual pleasures. On February 18, Chiron will enter House II of Pisces, where it will remain until April , imposing a guideline of analysis on how you handle your relationship with money. Nothing could be further from the truth. The presence of Chiron in the House II of Pisces, until , tells you that to achieve healing it is necessary to invest time and a good dose of will, otherwise you will only reach the superficial layers of the problem, and you will relapse before each test.

Differences of opinion arise to help you perceive that, in your optimism, you may be ignoring safer and more realistic paths, or letting the voice of reason be heard, in search of a chimerical ideal or fantasy.

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With this transit retrograde Pallas in House VIII of Pisces you will learn to trust your business or investment partner family, partner, associate , not as a child who needs guidance, but establishing a relationship that privileges trust and equality. In the work environment, the entry of the asteroid Eros to the House V of Pisces, in addition to fanning the flames of romance, it will give greater impetus to your creative projects.

Mercury in Pisces is an excellent position for those who serve as spokespersons for humanitarian or charitable organizations, as they will strive to get their message across borders. Finally, Jupiter and Ceres remain in House X of Pisces, which means that your actions today are building the professional image that you will sell tomorrow.

But beware. Remember that Pluto , Saturn and the South Node are also in your 11th House , pointing out that there is still much to learn in the matter of social relations, and it is the new experiences that will provide you with the key.

It is a particularly favorable alignment for those who are immersed in launching creative projects, as it unites imagination Neptune with willpower the Sun. Communication planet Mercury squares off with Jupiter today, bringing exciting adventures your way! A wonderful journey commences, Cancer. Venus and Pluto meet, heating things up in your relationships.

Feb 22nd - Astrology calendar - Aspects & Transits - Mundan-Horoscope

Communication planet Mercury squares off with Jupiter, bringing big conversations your way about things that are really important to you. Venus and Pluto meet, urging you to drop an unhealthy habit.

Your ruling planet Mercury clashes with Jupiter, bringing exciting conversations your way—however, Mercury retrograde will be here soon and these conversations will be reconsidered. Venus and Pluto meet today to bring you a devilishly good time!

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Your ruling planet Venus meets with Pluto, making for a very passionate mood. Things are getting intense! Big talks about money take place as Mercury clashes with Jupiter.


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Venus meets your ruling planet Pluto and brings a juicy conversation your way, Scorpio! Intriguing developments around money take place as Venus meets Pluto. Venus and Pluto meet in your sign today, finding you in an especially sexy mood!

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