Makemake astrology ephemeris

Logically and symbolically the new planets must be trans plutonian. I proposed to use Haumea and Makemake which are the two just transplutonian dwarf planets as the two missing pieces. We thus have new system that respect the rationale of the symbolism and is validated by statistics, with new rulerships, exaltations, joys, decans and triplicities, and we have safe ephemeris.

Traditional and integrative astrology adapts the tools of Hellenistic astrology within a new planets system and gives a methodology validated by statistics to determine the planetary dominant and temperament. Translation in progress, please come back!

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Our approach to astrology is essentially empirical, based on observation and statistics, and therapeutically oriented, i. At the base we arrived at astrology as part of our research on the application of Enneagram to constitutional homeopathy. We use all the symbolic and mythological data allowing us to better understand the psyche of the human being and apply it to our homeopathic practice, but also in the understanding of human relations in general and the behavioral medicine in particular behavioral medicine studies the interaction of our behaviors with our health, and how behavioral change can improve health.

Why did it take astrologers three decades to wrap around the potency of the Galactic Center in horoscopic judgments.

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How is it astrologers consistently invoke the same arguments used by skeptics against astrology Sedna is too small and too far away? How do we know these new small influences have any impact anyway.

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Zero paper: the print function is blocked to preserve the planet and make sure the selling price remains 2 to 3 times less expensive an eight-paged annex is printable for the tables and related information. Interactive non printable PDF file pages with 0 paper , the format 16x22cm is adapted to all screens without losing any quality even reduced with the iPad mini 8" - File size: about 35 Mo.

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